Buying and selling at the same time was scary

How we helped the Kenn’s through the entire process of selling their current home, then buying their new one.

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We've helped Kenn with buying and selling a few times. First, we helped him buy a home in Winchester. As they decided to grow their family, they realized this was not a location they wanted to stay in long term. They decided to list their home with us as they entered the market to find their forever home.


Days on the market




Above asking price

Together, we discussed their expectation from their house in Winchester in order to put them in a position to land their long term dream home. It wasn't all rainbows and butterflies, though...

Buying and selling at the same time was scary 

"The process of trying to sell while simultaneously looking for a new home created a lot of uncertainty, especially schedule-wise and financial-wise. We were basically putting offer on others homes without knowing if or when our home was going to sell. It was hard.

Eric helped us facilitate and mediate the timeline and the stakeholders so that it was all able to come together seamlessly."

We ran into a tough situation that delayed our closing

"The first house we bought in Winchester was renovated by a builder. We had a punch list of items that needed to be completed and the builder fell short prior to the closing date. We expected to be compensated for the damages. Eric instructed us not to close and helped us get legal support to handle the issues we were facing with the builder.

It was a tough situation. We had already sublet our apartment, so delaying the closing by a week left us with nowhere to go. We had to find a way to close in a timely fashion while still having protection legally. Eric helped us work through the situation, worked creatively with the legal teams, and alleviated the stress for us. He really overachieved when it came to the asks and requests we had for the sellers of the house. He absolutely exceeded our expectations and we got the price we wanted."

He stopped us from making a big mistake  

"Before exploring the Winchester area, we were  actually looking at a condo in Belmont. We even put in a purchase and sales agreement. But there were so many red flags from the inspection and I started to have second thoughts. I called Eric to stress my concerns and I vividly remember him saying to me, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

After hearing me out, he made the proactive suggestion that we back away from it. He wasn't just trying to turn me over, he actually had my best interest at heart. His genuine, unique character is something I've never seen from realtors I've had in the past.

Kenn’s advice to others   

"Don't be afraid to tell him exactly how you feel. He wants to do the right thing for his clients. You won't scare him off. He's open and empathetic about what a buyer and seller are feeling at the time.

It's a stressful situation and a major milestone in life, so it's important to be open in terms of how you're feeling or things you want to change throughout the process. With Eric, you will feel comfortable enough to do that.

He's open to your ideas and suggestions, can coach you through anything and will definitely find the right path and resolution for you."

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