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Pacific Beach

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What it's like to live in Pacific Beach

Jack Dymand
Nov 18 3 minutes read

To start things off, Pacific Beach is absolutely a beach town!

Pacific beach consists of a vibrant community with good restaurants and well maintained beaches. Although PB is a great place to vacation, the greater majority of people are residents! The demographic for residents ranges from college kids, the mid-20s crowd, young professionals, families, and residents who have been there 50-60 years.

There are four main areas within PB; there is Main PB, Mission Beach, Crown Point/ Sail Bay, and North PB.

- Main PB is the area around Grand and Garnet Ave, those are the two main streets that make up pacific beach. You get a mix of 20-somethings, 30-somethings 40-somethings. There is lots of energy around Garnet/ Grand Ave because of the restaurants and bars.

Just south of Main PB is Mission. 

- Mission is a strip of land with homes townhomes and condos, smaller area with mix of full time residences and vacation rentals. This area is unique because you have the Bay on one side and the ocean with waves on the other, both very accessible from most Mission residences. Mission is known for its boardwalk, great for exercise and people watching. 

Belmont park is a fun place to visit, it is also home to the US oldest rollercoaster!

- Crown Point/ Sail Bay is closer to the south side of PB. Sail bay side is a more peaceful area to live, young professionals/ families and residents who have been there a long time. This area is great because you’re able to enjoy beach lifestyle without being in the middle of the party scene.

- North PB starts roughly north of Diamond St. All the streets north (all are named after stones). Lots of detached homes, more families, there is still a little party crowd, but lots of longterm residences, it's a very cool little neighborhood. North PB also has Tourmaline Beach which is very popular spot for surfers.

Pacific Beach locals love the outdoors.

In Pacific Beach, it is doable to get around by walking, though it is very popular to ride around on beach cruisers. You see lots of dogs/ active people walking, running, or riding every day! Surfing is one of the most popular pastimes as the waves are mostly good year-round. Pacific Beach is a very fun place to live, with the amazing location comes the laidback lifestyle with sun, beach, and friendly people.

Hopefully that gives you some clarity on what is like to live in pacific beach!

If you are thinking about moving to, from, or within San Diego please don’t hesitate on letting me know! I really enjoy helping buyers and sellers in Pacific beach and I am well informed on the market and future inventory!

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